COVID-19 emergency shows limitations of nationwide data sharing infrastructure

Several initiatives are working to gather patient data and map information on the spread of COVID-19, even as public health and federal efforts are bogged down in manual and paper-based processes. The private initiatives are looking to incorporate ways to demonstrate the spread and extent of the pandemic in various geographic areas, hoping to enable… Read More »

Why not take blood pressure after shower

As a working parent with little free time, I often feel guilty when I sneak away for a nice, long soak in the tub or hot shower. Perhaps it is the impatient kid knocking on the other side of the locked door asking for dinner. Or maybe it’s because I recently installed an electric instant… Read More »

What is migraine day

Despite the impact of migraine and other headache disorders, there is only one accredited headache specialist for every 80, patients in the United States, meaning countless patients do not receive the care they need. Migraine treatments also include prescription medications that were originally developed for epilepsy, depression, or high blood pressure — these can often… Read More »

RWJF Apps Closing Soon: Apply Today!

Catalyst @ Health 2.0 Jun 1, 2020• SPONSORED POST By CATALYST @ HEALTH 2.0 Catalyst @ Health 2.0 and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation are seeking digital solutions that can support the needs of individuals affected by a large scale health crisis. As the current COVID-19 pandemic illustrates, individuals in communities affected by large-scale emergencies… Read More »