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Cheap, frequent COVID tests could be ‘akin to vaccine,’ professor says

A Harvard epidemiologist and expert in disease testing is calling for a shift in strategy toward a cheap, daily, do-it-yourself test that he says can be as effective as a vaccine at interrupting coronavirus transmission — and is currently the only viable option for a quick return to an approximation of normal life. “These are our… Read More »

Europe’s COVID-19 vaccine negotiations hit snags with 3 drugmakers: Reuters

Numerous drugmakers are racing ahead with COVID-19 vaccine programs, and some have begun taking orders from governments to deliver hundreds of millions of doses if their candidates succeed. But negotiations between the EU and some companies have hit snags, Reuters reports. The EU is negotiating with at least six COVID-19 vaccine developers, but sources told… Read More »

Why refuse flu vaccine

Sociocognitive predictors of the intention of healthcare workers to receive the influenza vaccine in Belgian, Dutch and German hospital settings. Reply My son has the same experience. Qual Health Res. Personal choice or evidence-based nursing intervention: nurses’ decision-making about influenza vaccination. Influenza vaccination among healthcare workers: ten-year experience of a large healthcare organization. He remained… Read More »

Coronavirus UK: Health workers and at-risk to get vaccine first

Frontline NHS and social care workers, over-50s and Brits with heart or kidney disease will get Covid-19 vaccine first when it becomes available, Matt Hancock reveals Health Secretary made the announcement in Downing Street press conference Mr Hancock said the advice would allow Britain to ‘protect the most at-risk first’  Imperial College London started human… Read More »

How much mercury in flu vaccine

But they aren’t a cure, and for most people who aren’t hospitalized, they may only cut down on the duration of the flu by a day or two. Live vaccines, such as oral poliovirus vaccine; yellow fever vaccine; and measles, mumps and rubella vaccines, do not contain thiomersal, because it would kill the immunizing component.… Read More »