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What to know about peeing after sex

People may have heard that peeing after sex is beneficial, especially for women. This is because peeing flushes bacteria out of the body, which may help prevent a urinary tract from developing. Here, we look at how peeing after sex may help to prevent urinary tract infections. We also discuss whether there are any other… Read More »

6 Oral Health Facts That Men Need to Know

— Men don’t fare as highly as women when it comes to oral health. The rates of tooth loss, oral infections, and gum disease are more prevalent in men than in women. These differences prove that men lack good dental health habits compared to women, and these may often affect other health conditions, such as… Read More »

Know how to use your asthma inhaler

There are a number of different devices for delivering asthma medicine into your lungs. How to use a metered-dose inhaler. National Asthma Education and Prevention Program website. So make sure you do not get it too hot or puncture it. Talk to your doctor if you have any questions about how to take your inhaler.… Read More »