Lidl to offer free sanitary products to customers to tackle period poverty

Lidl Ireland have announced that they will provide free sanitary products to customers, as part of a new programme tackling period poverty. Announcing the move on Twitter this morning, the retailer will provide shoppers with a free box of sanitary pads or tampons every month via a coupon in the Lidl mobile app. The company… Read More »

Strike Out Kids’ Overuse Injuries This Baseball Season

News Consumer News Strike Out Kids’ Overuse Injuries This Baseball Season SATURDAY, April 17, 2021 — Young baseball players are at risk for overuse injuries, but there are ways to play it safe and prevent such problems, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) says. “Overhead athletes, such as baseball players, place significant repetitive stress… Read More »

Cleansing the body with natural juices

Author Ivan Naibauer Published April 17, 2021 Word count 1,078 Try fasting with fresh juices this spring After a long winter, fasting with freshly squeezed juices is a great way to cleanse the body of toxins. Find out which ingredients are best and how to consume fresh juices. Due to the modern way of life… Read More »

How and Why to Take CBD

CBD is the newest arrival on the wellness and complimentary health scene, but is a fad or does it have some genuine value and is it here to stay? If it can help you, then how should you take your CBD? Today we’re looking to answer some of these questions thanks to Discover Magazine. Why… Read More »