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Latest Scientific Findings on Weight Loss Opportunities and Diet Risks – SciTechDaily

Virtual conference presents progress and pitfalls in understanding the best way to lose excess weight. Many of us are eating differently during the COVID-19 pandemic, and some are taking the stay-at-home lifestyle as an opportunity to work on weight loss goals. Get the latest research findings on fad diets, losing weight and healthful eating at… Read More »

Can i weight loss exercise

Easy to exercise and one of the most effective exercises for loss unwanted paunch, kettlebell swings are an absolute must when it comes to exercise the most effective fat-loss exercises. Rows and rows of empty treadmills make for can sad sight. If you can’t stand the thought of running, or just want to loss out… Read More »

How much fat for weight loss

Fat is not the enemy of weight loss. In fact, it’s important for good health. It’s an essential nutrient that supports healthy skin and hair, facilitates absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, and and supports brain health. However, fat is more calorie-dense than protein or carbohydrates. With 9 calories per gram, you want to eat some —… Read More »

Can weight loss delay your period

Just like cucumber watermelon too has cooling properties which can help in keeping periods at bay for some time. For more information on the different brands of the combined contraceptive pill, see our online clinic. What Are Some Unexpected Changes to Your Period When You Exercise? I’m taking antibiotics, could this affect my period? There… Read More »