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Health Benefits of Moringa

The choices we make every day can have a significant impact on our health and wellness. I’d like to share some of the multiple evidence-based health benefits of the Moringa oleifera plant. I’ve shared some of these before, but in light of the growing disease burden and health care costs, you may find it helpful… Read More »

Unlocking Personalized Health: Navigating the Unique Terrain of Nutritional Individuality

In this interview, Chris Masterjohn, who has a Ph.D. in nutritional sciences from the University of Connecticut,1 and I discuss nutritional individuality, and how to assess your own personal nutritional needs. While there are many opinions about which diet might be best, not all diets are ideal for everyone. There are exceptions to every rule,… Read More »

Holistic Pediatrician on How to Safeguard Your Kids’ Health and Future

In this interview, Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Palevsky, a practicing pediatrician, discusses the impact that mainstream propaganda narratives have on our children, and why it’s so important to get your children out of the public education system. He also reviews some of the foundational strategies for staying healthy, and how to treat those dreaded childhood fevers.… Read More »

14 Health Benefits of Spirulina Powder

Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint. It was originally published November 5, 2018. Imagine a plant that can provide most of the protein you need for health, help prevent the sniffling and sneezing of allergies, reinforce your immune system, combat inflammation, help you control high blood pressure and protect against stroke and cancer. Does… Read More »