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Holistic Pediatrician on How to Safeguard Your Kids’ Health and Future

In this interview, Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Palevsky, a practicing pediatrician, discusses the impact that mainstream propaganda narratives have on our children, and why it’s so important to get your children out of the public education system. He also reviews some of the foundational strategies for staying healthy, and how to treat those dreaded childhood fevers.… Read More »

Significant List of Technologies That Will Design Dentistry Future

Significant List of Technologies That Will Design Dentistry Future Significant List of Technologies That Will Design Dentistry Future : In the past years, dentist visit was considered an unwanted experience. Sitting under the light and wide mouth opening gives the horror view of the dental clinic. Yet, even we know that oral health is very important… Read More »

Harvard Medical School professor discusses future of psychedelics

Interest in psychedelics as therapeutics has risen in recent years, spurred by studies that have found that the once-maligned drugs used in conjunction with therapy can help in the treatment of psychiatric patients. Amid a rush to commercialize a suite of newly-developed products, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has begun a new Center for the Neuroscience… Read More »

MedPAC members weigh future of telehealth coverage

In a virtual public meeting this past Friday, members of the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission discussed how – and whether – to permanently expand telehealth in Medicare.   Before the pandemic, Medicare’s physician fee schedule covered a limited set of telehealth services in rural locations. During the public health emergency, the Centers for Medicare and… Read More »

Most Virtual Care Consumers, Satisfied With Visits in the COVID Era, Expect It for Future Care

Within days of the coronavirus pandemic emerging in the U.S., health care providers set up virtual care arrangements to convene with patients. Three months into the COVID-19 crisis, how have patients felt about these telehealth visits? In Patient Perspectives on Virtual Care, Kyruus answers this question based on an online survey of 1,000 patients 18… Read More »