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Popular Internet Sensation Kadi Aka ‘ItsNotKadi’ Shares How She Overcame All The Obstacles And Became Successful

Khadidja Djibrine (Photo Credits: File Image) To achieve a goal, it is important to keep trying. Khadidja Djibrine made a name for herself on the internet after going through a lot of turmoil. Fondly called as Kadi and popularly known as ‘@itsnotkadi’ on social media, she hails from the Republic of Chad situated in north-central… Read More »

Tumblr Is Banning Porn, So Good Luck Finding Porn Somewhere Else on the Internet

With the rise of deepfakes, virtual reality porn that can resurrect dead loved ones (could be some problems there!), and Starbucks coming along to remove pornographic content from their coffee shops, porn is having a bad year, y’all. But in what might be the biggest blow of all, Tumblr announced Monday that starting December 17,… Read More »