Conjoined twins build strength in Vic

By | November 1, 2018

On Friday carers will offer some insight into how twin girls Nima and Dawa are doing at a retreat near Melbourne.

The 14-month-old sisters were initially meant to undergo surgery in October but doctors decided they needed extra nutrition before the life-changing operation.

The twins have been in the care of staff and volunteers at a retreat near Melbourne since they were discharged from the children’s hospital.

Since their arrival in Victoria, the two girls have undergone extensive tests and scans and their surgical team has expressed confidence about the operation.

The pair share a liver and are believed to share part of a bowel but the extent of their combined functions will not be known until the surgery is underway.

The surgery and recovery are estimated to cost at least $ 350,000 and the state government has pledged to cover surgical costs, with other funds raised to go towards the girls’ Australian rehabilitation and return home.

Australian Associated Press

Western Advocate – Health

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