7 Wedding Gifts For The Healthy And Fitness Couple

By | December 11, 2018

Are you thinking of the best wedding gift ideas for couples who are health and fitness buffs? This article is your guide to picking gifts for fitness freaks.

Young woman holding a yoga mat

It’s the wedding season and for couples who work out, only gifts for healthy people is acceptable. Health is wealth they say and it is beautiful to see couples workout together, stay alive and healthy together. This post is set on such couples and our list is one filled with workout gifts, down to wedding rings

Health and fitness are more beneficial than we know, from good blood circulation to healthy aging and reduced health risks. This post also helps you with some of the best engagement gift ideas for the fit couple. 

At WeddingForward, we make the job of getting wedding gifts for health nuts easier, whether they have a registry or not! 

The different gifts include; 

Workout Friendly Wedding Rings

Workout wedding rings are made out of silicone and come in handy with situations where you’d remove your rings. They are for the people who have an active life or make a living with their hands. They are durable and stylish and are the best fit for the gym, swimming, and fieldwork. 

They also make great wedding gifts for adventurous couples. There is no risk of your ring getting damaged, hurting you or pulling off in the course of work. You can get the Silicone wedding ring band for men and women on Amazon for $ 19.99.

Wrist Wraps

Wrists wraps are one of the best gift ideas for weightlifters. They hold the wrist joint in place, control muscle movement and allow for free mobility. This way, injuries, sprains, tears, and subsequent pains/swellings are by-passed. Get Rip Toned wrist wraps 18″ professional grade with thumb loops, wrist support braces for men and women on Amazon. It is very affordable as it retails for $ 12.47.

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Workout Mats

A workout mat is an ideal wedding gift for couples who already live together. They will find fun and bond more, working out on their mats at the same time. They are the best and most of them are thick, springy, and have non-slip to break falls during a workout. Check out balance from Go Yoga all-purpose high-density non-slip exercise yoga mat on Amazon for $ 12.99. It also has a carrying strap for easy mobility when you want to workout outdoors.

Powerlifting Belts

One of the best wedding gifts for cross-fitters are flexible power/weightlifting belts.  These belts help control their backs, core, and abdominal muscles during exercise. Cross-fitters do a lot of functional exercise in a short time span, from lifting dead weight to running, gymnastics, roaming and more. These belts help keep their backs and abdominal muscles in place while toning them at the same time. We love Unbroken Designs

10mm power weightlifting belt from Amazon at $ 45.00 – $ 48.00. They are steady, flexible and durable. 

Workout Tanks

Workout tanks wedding gifts are great for couple’s workout. It makes for easy and free body movements and sweat release for couples. It is even more beautiful when you go the extra mile to customize them. It helps them slay while sweating it out. The Tough Cookie’s women’s gym athletic workout tank which goes for $ 29.99 is a good one. For the men, Neleus men’s dry fit Y-back muscle tank top on Amazon is great and goes for $ 14.68.


Add more fun to their workout sessions by gifting them a camera. Cameras are quite pricey, but if it will help them make sweet memories of their bonding moments. Why not? An Olympus TG-5 camera with 3-Inch LCD goes for $ 399 on Amazon. What stands this camera out is the fact that it’s waterproof, which makes it perfect and safe for any kind of workout routine. You can also take them with you as you swim and other outdoor affairs. 

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High-Grade Blenders

Woman putting a banana in a blender and preparing a delicious healthy smoothie in her kitchen

Blenders are nice wedding gifts for health nuts. For couples who love to keep fit, eating right is a necessity. Vitamix 5200 blender, professional grade, 64 oz. is a perfect brand to gift for a wedding. Sold on Amazon for $ 136.99, Vitamix is probably the most trusted and durable brand to give everyone usage satisfaction. With this blender, couples who are fitness enthusiasts will begin their day with a quick blend of smoothie. 

All items mentioned above are the best wedding gift ideas for couple’s workout. They are all affordable with a real price point range for each item. These are gifts for healthy people which are very useful and will work their worth. Every couple who keep fit will need any one or more of these. 

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