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Mitigating psychiatric disorder relapse in pregnancy during pandemic

Dr. Lee S. Cohen, Director of the Ammon-Pinizzotto Center for Women’s Mental Health at Massachusetts General Hospital, recently shared his insights on mitigating psychiatric relapse during pregnancy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic with Ob.Gyn News on August 28th, 2020 In a previous column, I addressed some of the issues that quickly arose in the context of the… Read More »

How to flu vaccine in pregnancy

Iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy: Prevention tips Kratom and pregnancy: Not a safe mix Leg cramps during pregnancy Marijuana during pregnancy: What’s the harm? Pregnancy Groups. Sonja Rasmussen discusses the risks associated with influenza for pregnant women and their babies, and why pregnant women should get vaccinated against influenza. The first and most important step… Read More »

How can the flu affect pregnancy

Pregnancy and parenting. Everyone who cares for your baby should get a flu shot too, including other household members and relatives. Related Coverage. What’s this? The flu shot can’t give you the flu The mild symptoms that some people get after a flu shot are usually related to the vaccine generating an immune response. You… Read More »

What is high blood pressure pregnancy

You may feel perfectly well in the early stages of pre; is it safe to delay your period for your holiday? ” what is high blood pressure pregnancy the triple, eclampsia: Preeclampsia becomes eclampsia if seizures begin. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child – the only… Read More »

Where to acid reflux during pregnancy

Take your time and chew your food well. Always talk to your doctor before trying out a new medicine, even if it’s an OTC drug, because some can be harmful to your baby. Stronger versions are available via prescription, but talk to your doctor about the pros and cons if you’re pregnant — there is… Read More »