Points that could make your facelift surgery easier!

By | September 1, 2018

However there are few others also who go for expensive cosmetics. Probably they are not aware of the Facelift done in NYC or from anywhere around the part of the globe or they hesitate to get facelift because they are sacred from the operation and post-operative healing period. But it’s just their hypothetical belief!

Nowadays, with the development in technology things have become quite easy for every field, whether it’s medical, engineering, and so on. And that’s the reason why rhytidectomy operation is not as scary as it might seem too. So, if you are looking forward to go for facelift, then read the mentioned below points that would make your surgical experience easier:

Pre-operative: The foremost thing that is required to be done by the patient before just heading up straight for the surgical treatment day is post-operative care. Under this patient have to take care of few things that includes:

  • Stop smoking in advance of the surgery, if one is a smoker.
  • Avoid medications like aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines and herbal supplements that might cause risk of bleeding during the operation.
  • Getting of medical evaluation being done before the operation.

Day of operation: Once the patient is fit to be operated, the surgeon would give the date of surgical treatment. On the operation day, patient would first be given anesthesia so that he or she won’t feel the pain of surgical treatment being done. During and after the operation, various monitors are done like check blood pressure, heart rate, amount of oxygen being circulated and so on in order to keep an eye on the patient health. Then once the surgery is being done, patient face would be rapped with bandage and taken to recovery area. Later, after few hours if patient health is fine then he or she would be discharged. Or in case if there are some complications then patient might have to stay overnight also.

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Post-operative: Also known as healing period, it is also said to be the toughest part for the patient that comes after operation. However, physician would recommend certain precautions that patient would be required to follow. To name a few are use of ice packs in order to reduce the swelling, avoid exerting activities as it may predispose one to bleeding, avoid using of makeup and avoid smoking for few weeks.

However, along with facelift operation one can also opt for various other operations like neck lift surgery, nose job , chin and cheek implant, neck lift and so on from NY or from anywhere around the globe. These all surgeries if done along with facelift would surely help in changing the look and personality of the person.

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