Botox: Some Common Queries

By | August 13, 2018

Having a younger looking skin is every woman’s dream as she moves towards maturity. Well, it is a blatant fact that ageing is natural and unpreventable, and also, that after a while, anti-ageing creams and all the good diet and regimen won’t work. Frown lines, crow’s feet, smile crinkles and sagging lip corners will eventually appear with age. While you can use hair dyes to hide the greying no makeup is enough to conceal these evident signs of ageing. Though, what if were told that you can snatch a few more moments with that taut and younger looking skin of yours, tempting isn’t it? Yes, the obvious answer is Botox treatment. The first time users are bound to be skeptical about it, but here are a few questions answered, that you were craving to get answers to, before you make up your mind to get it done.

Is it safe?

It’s the foremost question in case of any cosmetic treatment such as tummy tucking to lose belly fat, face lift, or even Botox. Well, the answer to this is a yes. It is a drug and all drugs have side-effects, but luckily for it, these are harmless and short-lived. Symptoms like droopy eyes or slight bruising can appear in a few cases but they subside within two weeks of treatment.

Is it for me?

This one depends on what results are you expecting, your pocket and your tolerance for needles. See a doctor to help you decide on this one, but most patients who had it done correctly were satisfied with the results.

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Does it really work?

Absolutely yes, it is a highly purified toxin that slows the treated muscles thereby decreasing the appearance of crinkles and fine lines; it does work like a miracle, erasing fine lines. However, a lot of it depends on who is on the other side of the needle, too little amount can give short-lived results or minor difference, while too much can leave you looking unnatural and frozen. So, make sure you choose expert clinics which have been in the business for quite a while.

Will it hurt?

It is nothing but injections, so it can be a little painful, however you can discuss with your doctor and get a local anesthetics or ice the area to numb it.

Can I get it done with other surgeries?

It is a topical treatment and has no relation whatsoever to other surgeries, cosmetic or medical unless they don’t concern the area to be treated. You can easily have your liposuction to lose belly fat and Botox scheduled close to each other.


There is no recovery period as such, you can resume normal work and routine after four hours during which you only have to avoid massaging or rubbing the affected area.

How long will it last?

Good results can last up to six months, but it depends on your metabolism rate. Take the average to vary between 4-6 months.

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