5 Reasons You Should Be In The Swimming Pool

By | October 26, 2018

If there’s one workout that always feels fun to do, it’s swimming. There’s nothing quite as liberating as that feeling of weightlessness while you are in the water, and even if you’re not much of a fitness enthusiast, you’ll love jumping into the pool and splashing around as you work your muscles. If you’re not sure if you should start swimming and whether it will really help you reach all of your wellness goals, here are a few reasons why this workout is such a great idea for pretty much anyone, especially if you are a freelance health writer working at your desk all day.

Swimming is a full-body workout that doesn’t require you to do fifteen different exercises to engage all your muscles. Simply by moving through water you’ll utilize all your limbs and put your body through a broad range of motions regardless of which swimming style you’re using. It’s an easy way to get a well-rounded workout without having to plan much, and as long as you warm up and stretch properly before beginning, you’ll have no trouble making a few laps around the pool. As you swim more and grow stronger, you can start making more laps and learning different kinds of strokes that could push your exercising routine to become even more effective. 

Burns A Ton Of Calories

Even a very gentle, slow swim can burn around 200 calories in half an hour, and if you want something effective to aid your diet, this kind of workout can definitely go a long way. The longer and faster you swim, the more calories you can incinerate, and as long as you couple this with a good, healthy diet, you can make a huge progress. To get the best benefits and keep your energy high, eat a small snack before you jump into the pool. Bear in mind that while swimming with a full stomach might be uncomfortable for some, the old myth that tells you that it’s dangerous to swim right after eating is generally untrue.  

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Beautifully Sculpts Your Body

If you’re looking to get a beautifully slim, sexy figure, swimming is pretty much the perfect workout. As we’ve mentioned, it utilizes all our muscles groups, but it also gives you a lot more flexibility and builds your muscles in a way that makes them look firm and toned rather than bulky. It’s really no wonder that the best way to get a beach body is to actually go swimming, especially if you decide to get clever and motivate yourself by wearing a hot bikini when you show up at the pool. It’s very inspiring to keep watching your body getting more and more beautiful after each workout, so don’t be afraid to take selfies and mark your progress as you come closer to your fitness goals.

Swimming Is Low-Impact Exercise

Unlike running, swimming is a low-impact exercise that won’t strain your joints. Your knees and ankles won’t suffer at all, so this makes it the perfect choice for someone who’s recovering from an injury and needs to take it easy. Since water supports about 90% of your body weight you really don’t have to worry about overworking those achy joints, and people who suffer from arthritis can greatly benefit from this kind of exercise. If you know how to swim well the risk of injury is really minimal, so you can feel safe during every workout.  

Swimming Boosts Your Health

Swimming is an aerobic exercise, so it means it’s really good for your cardiovascular health. It will improve your circulation and ease tension in your muscles, and as any kind of physical activity, it will also boost your immune system, improve your mood, and of course, improve your energy levels over time. If you keep getting tired easily this can build up your endurance, and it can also lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and help you get rid of stress. Overall, swimming is really great for your health.

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If you have a nearby pool that you can use for consistent workouts, swimming is a great option. Bear in mind that you can also combine it with other types of exercise. It’s totally fine to go to the pool once a week and spend the rest of the days doing home workouts or going to the gym. As long as you make it a part of your workout regimen even occasionally, you’ll reap great benefits.  Image:  Unsplash.  Author:  Brigitte Evans

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