5 Best Holistic Therapists Near Me: 2021 Spiritual Counseling

By | May 17, 2021

We cannot deny it. Our situation is too complicated and full of challenges, to the point that your mental health suffers – you feel you cannot handle the situation anymore. It is hard to come to friends or family, because they are just saying the same things such as “be positive,” “that’s life,” and “it’s okay.”

The worst thing is, they tell you that it is all in the mind. You may start thinking that they all invalidate your feelings, thinking that life is easier for them. You want to exercise, do yoga, and attempt to do meditation. However, you feel no progress.

You may start asking, “Where can I find a holistic psychologist near me?” We have positive news. There are some websites offering holistic therapy, where you can find therapists passionately doing counseling, providing you better health. Read our review of the top 5 online therapy websites offering spiritual counseling.

best Holistic Therapists Near Me 2021

  • Betterhelp – Editor’s choice
  • Talkspace – Best overall quality service
  • ReGain – Best spirituality counseling for couples
  • PrideCounseling – The only LGBTQ counseling provider
  • TeenCounseling – Most positive teen environment

What is holistic counseling?

In previous ages, traditional therapists dealt with health in a single aspect. If you feel pain in your body, doctors will probably try to spot a certain physical condition, and give you a prescription. If one is suffering from a mental health issue, the doctor will do their best to investigate your mind, so that they may perform a specific psychological technique for you to follow.

Nowadays, there are certain studies showing that there is a relationship between your physical health and mental health. And so, holistic therapists take all aspects into consideration. Often, a therapist may not only touch the physical body and mind aspect, but also your spirituality or spiritual life (where you do not have to belong in a certain religion.) Holistic counseling is therefore, a method or technique used to help people with anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions surpass their current mental state.

In holistic counseling, all aspects that make the entire being of a person are taken into account. Holistic therapists believe that there is a relationship happening within the mind, body, and spirit. Its aim is to help the therapist and the client understand the self, obtaining a treatment or solution to the problem, and last but not the least, self-acceptance.

Is it right for me?

Before you seek holistic counseling, keep in mind that any counselor in this area never considers their patients as people needing a repair or fix. Instead, they see you as a normal individual, who is just needing genuine help. “So, is it worth it to find a holistic psychologist near me?”

We can say, “Yes, it is.” A holistic psychotherapy or holistic counseling helps you address your depression, anxiety, stress, and certain trauma. Plus, if you can find someone to talk to, you may find a solution to your stresses, which you have never thought about before.

In A Hurry? Here’s The Winner

Editor’s Choice



Why is it better?

  • Leading Mental health service provider
  • Free 7-day trial
  • Can change therapist

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The Lineup At A Glance

Best overall quality service

  • Live sessions available
  • Sessions are almost suitable for all ages
  • Client-oriented approaches

Best spirituality counseling for couples

  • Counseling services focused on couples
  • Providers allow individual conversation
  • Choose according to the spiritual path

The only LGBTQ counseling provider

  • LGBT wellness friendly
  • Providers form a sense of healing
  • Positive, non-discriminating practice

Most positive teen environment

  • Wellness providers connect well with teens
  • Allow parents to explore teens’ spirit
  • Easy process for parent/teens

How to choose the best holistic therapy near you?

Choosing a holistic therapist may or may not be confusing, depending on one’s situation. Especially when the psychotherapy is done online, a patient may encounter challenges. Since we understand that choosing the right therapist is crucial to your overall health, we provide you some tips to consider, whether you find them online or offline.

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Know What you Need at Least

First things first, you must know what things you need. Do you want someone to talk to? Or do you really want to receive certain treatment? If you think you need psychological support along with modern practices, then it is your time to look for Mind-body therapists, or what we call holistic therapists.

Keep in min,d however, that a  holistic therapist is not an alternative for psychotropic medication. Even psychiatrists or clinical psychologists working for online counseling or therapy cannot prescri a medicine. And conditions requiring medication should be taken on private offline clinics.

Also, know your goals and clearly state it to your therapist. That way, he or she may be able to help you attain such a goal, or formulate a more realistic one. You and your therapist may combine techniques and approaches to address your concerns, which may include acupuncture, yoga, meditation, guided imagery, support groups, psychodynamic therapy, and more.

Reputation check

There is nothing wrong with giving chances to therapists with little experience in the industry. However, you often have a better experience with a therapist having ample amount of experience in the same or similar condition as yours. You can ask for a recommendation from a friend who had a cession with that therapist or from a health practitioner themselves. Meanwhile, if you sign up for an online therapy website, they all ensure that you will talk to a professional therapist, applying a holistic approach of treatment or management of your condition or situation.

Research or do a survey

You can certainly avail of holistic therapy via online therapy sites. Here, you will have options, or do both. First, research about the said online holistic therapy website. Look for reviews, especially those who were made by patients themselves. Second, research the profile of the therapist you can find, and examine their proficiency.

How do online holistic counselors work?

To know how online holistic counselors or therapists work, it is important to review the goal and belief of a holistic approach in terms of mental health. First, a holistic view states that a body, mind, and spirit are interconnected with each other. So, its view of a person’s health is composed with interrelated aspects – that your physical state affects your emotion, and so with your spiritual state.

Secondly, it does not diagnose a mental illness. It helps the patient understand the self, and effectively manage things that are outside their control. Now, how would that be possible? Since Holistic therapists view patients or clients as a whole being with interconnected parts (body, mind, and spirit), they address all these three aspects. 

Lastly, in dealing with the soul or spiritual aspect of a person’s being, the client and the therapist must work together using an existential approach. This deals more on the philosophy of the patient’s life, with the help of meditation and other mindfulness-related techniques.

What do holistic therapy treat?

A holistic therapy does not treat symptoms. Instead, it uses the symptoms as a tool to make the clients realize the whole reality. However, it has a power to help in the treatment of depression, anxiety, Somatoform-related disorders, and stress. It may also help attain a recovery from trauma and abuses.

How holistic therapy can help?

Holistic therapy, as mentioned a while ago, aims at a person’s full awareness of what is going on with his or her own emotion, behavior, and attitude. This awareness is hopefully the way for acceptance, which leads to a more control of their emotion, attitude, or action.

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A holistic counseling or therapy also works with other practices. Its power is similar to the combination of meditation, acupuncture, yoga, and massage therapy. Of course, this approach leads to balancing your focus within the mind, body, and spirit.

Methods used in spiritual therapy

Most people think that spiritual therapy talks about religiosity. However, spiritual therapy focuses on a person’s value and his or her connection to him or herself. Even though it seems to be relatively new, this type of therapy has been derived from traditional forms of therapy, proven to be effective, and creates more power when combined and improved.

Indeed, spiritual therapy falls into the category of psychotherapy, and more on to talk therapy. Therapists in this field may utilize meditation, existential Questioning, CBT, free association technique, and many more.

When should you see your holistic therapy? 

You can see holistic therapy if you think you cannot handle stress or depression in life. You may also consider counseling if you want to examine your spirituality and stay connected with your values, develop good self-esteem and awareness.

Top 5 Best Holistic Therapists Near Me 2021



BetterHelp is widely known around the world. It is suitable for almost all life issues.

  • Professional emotional support for all ages
  • Free 7-day trial period
  • Response duration varies
  • No fix schedule

See Full Review Of BetterHelp


We can say that BetterHelp is one of the largest online therapy websites, based in the United States. At present, they have over 6,000 online counselors. All online therapists you will find are working with their license, provided by the state to where they live.

Many counselors are applying at BetterHelp, but only around 15% of applicants are accepted. If you are a counselor, you may apply to the company if you are one of the following: Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT), Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), Doctor of Psychology (PsyD), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).



Holistic doctors near me? You may find them in Talkspace, catering almost all problems in life.

  • Live sessions available
  • E-mail notifications for response time
  • Matching with a counselor may take a few days
  • Continuous monthly payment

See Full Review Of Talkspace


Talkspace seems to be the second leading online therapy online website, where almost anyone who is struggling with their mental health can come. The company started its passion in helping clients who need support in 2012. With nearly one decade of service, they have helped over a million of people struggling with depression, stress, and a certain amount of anxiety.

At present, they have over 5000 licensed professional therapists with varying specialization. So, whether you are struggling with depression, trauma, addiction, anxiety, or insomnia, there will always be a right counselor for you. If you try it, you will notice the effect of a holistic therapy. They also utilize other different approaches like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) dialectical behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and humanistic approach.



If you want professionals who can handle life and relationship issues for couples, here is the right service provider.

  • Focus is on couple and relationship issues
  • Therapy sessions can be done even living from a different location
  • No live customer support
  • No free trial

See Full Review Of ReGain


While ReGain.us is not for everyone, at least they play a vital role in society. Their focus falls into a couple therapy, applying a holistic approach to it. You do not have to be married, and it does not matter whether you live with or without each other. As long as you are couples, ReGain.us is the right place to try.

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ReGain.us started helping couples in 2016. Even though relatively new in the mental health industry, their holistic approach to helping couples with their issues made them popular. They only employ psychologists with licenses and experience. Before they can work in the company, they must have 2,000 hours and three years of hands-on experience in handling couples, with a doctoral or master’s degree. Plus, you will have the option to choose a counselor depending on their spiritual affiliation (obtain spiritual counseling with or without religiosity).


Pride Counseling

Are you looking for somebody who can heal your wounds and give you emotional support? PrideCounseling professionals will guide you to your desired path.

  • LGBTQ+ friendly sessions
  • Professionals have experience in handling LGBT life
  • Client-therapist matching may take up to 24 hours
  • A questionnaire is a bit longer

See Full Review Of PrideCounseling


If we look at the history of Pride Counseling, it only started in 2017. However, do not get fooled with the starting year, as it is a sub-branch of a well-established online therapy company, offering holistic therapy to patients or clients they have – the BetterHelp. They have a strong specialization for LGBT community. However, they also cater other issues that everyone may encounter.

PrideCounseling employs great professionals including psychologists (PsyD/Ph.D.), marriage and family professional therapists, licensed professional counselors, and clinical social workers. All of them carry higher educational attainment like doctorate and master’s degrees. Also, they have 1,000 or more hours and three years of hands-on experience in the field of mental health.



Since teens undergo highly critical crises, TeenCounseling is their, serving as a provider of support, towards the healing process of whatever an adolescent goes through. These holistic wellness providers help teens explore the world, towards a meaningful life.

  • Professionals are specialized for teens
  • Parents can sign up for their teens
  • Cannot be used in court
  • Is not a replacement for healing

See Full Review Of TeenCounseling


TeenCounseling is also a good online therapy site specializing for teens, (13-19 years old). The company started helping teenagers in 2013. If you are a parent of an adolescent or a teen by yourself, you will surely find a counselor that can professionally handle a person’s issue including depression in teens, bullying, stress, anger issues, and more.

At present, they have over a thousand professional counselors with different specializations not limited to depression and anxiety, but also in eating disorders, family and relationship, and abuse. These professionals may be Psychologists, Family Therapists, and Professional Counselors (LPC). If you sign up to them, you will be asked if you are a parent or teen. Then, questions are presented to you depending on what you indicated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a holistic therapist do?

A holistic therapist helps his or her patients develop a sense of self-awareness, healthier self-esteem, and attain a meaningful life.

What happens in a typical holistic therapy session?

In a typical holistic therapy session, patients are often allowed to release the bodily tension, and they start talking about the issues, releasing the thoughts present in the subconscious to your consciousness.

What to do if you can’t afford a therapist?

If you cannot afford a therapist, alternative helpful techniques include reading self-help books participating in support groups, and availing of insurance.

What are the 3 types of therapy?

There are more than three types of therapy. However, the common ones include psychodynamic, behavioral, and humanistic.