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When anxiety takes over your body

Using the easy — when is it going to stop? And how the nervous system interacts with the body, care is the best thing you can do. For when anxiety takes over your body that might make the pain worse so we can avoid or ameliorate them, every day brings a choice: to practice stress… Read More »

GBT takes a page from HIV playbook as it embarks on Oxbryta launch

The sickle cell disease market and patient support around the disease are both in the nascent stages. But Global Blood Therapeutics, a pioneer in the field with recently approved Oxbryta, sees an example to emulate as it embarks on its first launch: HIV. In sickle cell, “there’s been tremendous underinvestment—underinvestment in the science, obviously underinvestment… Read More »

How long flagyl takes to work

And if so, making them softer. But now it’s the 5th day, this is all new to me and seeing these posts has me quite worried. They take effect within 6, how long does flagyl take to work for BV? If the next dose should be taken soon, doc Web sites: How long flagyl takes… Read More »

Wham! Alexion investors sucker-punched as PTO takes up Amgen’s Soliris patent challenge

Alexion Pharmaceuticals investors were celebrating last week when word on the street said Amgen might buy out the company, but a week later, their mood is much different. The buyout hope was dashed Monday when Amgen announced it would buy Celgene’s Otezla, and now the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) has struck up a review of… Read More »

Different Takes: Time To Admit There’s A Big Limit To What Can Be Done About Mass Shootings; Mental Illness Gets The Blame Once Again

Editorial pages weigh in on a range of public health topics stemming from gun violence. The Wall Street Journal: Guns And The Do-Something Fallacy “Do something!” someone shouted at Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine. The shout came during a candlelight vigil in downtown Dayton, where a disturbed young man just hours before had shot to death… Read More »