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Medical News Today: Heart health: Are women getting incorrect treatment?

Recent research suggests that ignoring sex-specific risk factors of heart disease has resulted in women having a higher risk of dying from heart failure than men. Share on PinterestDifferences between men and women may mean that the latter do not receive the right treatment for heart conditions. A review published in Nature Medicine reveals an… Read More »

What cause heart swelling

Swelling may be widespread or confined to a single area. Planning and coordinating healthcare. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Learn more about our commitment to Global Medical Knowledge. But chest pain is still the most common symptom of poor blood flow to the heart or a heart attack. One man shares how – and… Read More »

Malaria Drug Taken by Trump Is Tied to Increased Risk of Heart Problems and Death in New Study

The malaria drugs hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine did not help coronavirus patients and may have done harm, according to a new study based on the records of nearly 15,000 patients who received the drugs and 81,000 who did not. Some were also given the antibiotic azithromycin, or a related medicine. Hydroxychloroquine is the drug that President… Read More »

When is heart of texas fair

That was too much for a 14, the Clovers and Leonard Mixon at the Heart O’ Texas Is, officially changing the name fair the grounds to the Extraco Events Center. ” and “Only You” and interrupted his “singing” several times to tell a few off, the crowd went wild and Presley turned on more steam.… Read More »

Heart attack: Drinking this amount of alcohol could trigger the deadly condition

A heart attack can be life threatening. The deadly condition occurs when a blood clot forms inside the artery after a fatty deposit has broken off from the artery wall. The heart is essentially a pump that keeps blood moving around the body. It delivers oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body and… Read More »