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U.S. cracks down on ethanol-based hand sanitizer, hitting supply as demand soars

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The Trump administration has tightened restrictions on the use of ethanol in hand sanitizer, forcing suppliers of the corn-based alcohol to halt their sales at a time of soaring demand, according to sources and documents seen by Reuters. FILE PHOTO: Home care nurse Flora Ajayi uses hand sanitizer while donning personal… Read More »

Brain implant detects and turns down symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

By Clare Wilson Deep brain stimulation works by placing wires into the skull, but can cause side effectsVINCENT MONCORGE/LOOK AT SCIENCES/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY People with Parkinson’s disease are getting brain implants that can automatically detect and reduce harmful nerve cell activity, to test if the technique could reduce movement difficulties. The device is a step… Read More »

Fish Harvest Down 90% After Pesticide Use

A fishery is an organized means of catching fish, an activity otherwise known as fishing. This is different from fish farms, also known as aquaculture. On fish farms, the fish are commercially raised in enclosures for food, while a fishery is organized fishing for wild fish. Farmed fish are some of the most toxic foods;… Read More »

Can cholesterol go down in a week

Most doctors, in fact, recommend the mainstream American Heart Association diet, which has many Mediterranean influences, in part because it represents simple changes that most people can make and maintain. What do my cholesterol results mean? In a study published in 2003, Jenkins reported that some volunteers with high cholesterol lowered their LDL levels by… Read More »