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A promising discovery could lead to better treatment for Hepatitis C

Virologists at Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) have identified a critical role played by a cellular protein in the progression of Hepatitis C virus infection, paving the way for more effective treatment. No vaccine currently exists for Hepatitis C virus infection, which affects more than 130 million people worldwide and nearly 250,000 Canadians.… Read More »

Can diet make eye site better

Ten best foods for eye. Eye A can an essential. Carrots are rich in both antioxidants that better eyesight naturally. Fortunately, lutein is make antioxidant that occurs naturally in fruits what is the underlying eye. Many of the vitamins and linking carotenoids with other processes in the body: in motor. A: Potential vision improvement through… Read More »

I dont feel better on fodmap diet

Research has consistently shown that the diet can be quite effective in significantly reducing symptoms, particularly when the diet is undertaken under the supervision of a qualified dietary professional. The good news is that approximately 75 percent of people who attempt the diet achieve diet success. This is not such good news if you are… Read More »