Do You Want to Jump on the Ketogenic Diet Train?

By | February 28, 2019

ketogenic diet foods

The latest dietary fad is the ketogenic diet. It might seem like the best thing to hi the weight-loss scene, but in reality it is not new and has been around for almost 100 years. Going on a high fat fat, low-carb diet forces the body run off of its fat stores. The body enters a state of ketosis causing the liver to convert fat into fatty acids and ketones. The body can use these compounds for energy when it has no carbs to burn. 


There are two big problems with this approach. The first is that when you are on this diet your metabolism also breaks down muscle for energy so you will lose muscle mass. 


The second problem is that for ketone levels to be high enough to get the weight loss benefits your daily carb intake must be cut to about the amount in a single apple. Most diet experts, unless they are selling the ketogenic diet for their own profit, state that this diet is extremely restrictive and not sustainable. It also can cause nutritional deficiencies, low energy levels and brain fog.


A panel of experts put this diet in last place in the U.S. News 2018 Best Diets rankings. Number 1 was the Mediterranean diet. A diet that we have been advocating for years.



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