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'Widespread and dangerous': Facing medical uncertainty, doctors tell patients it's all in their heads

But that doctor was proved wrong when an MRI showed that the girl had acute flaccid myelitis or AFM, a polio-like disease that’s struck hundreds of children since 2014. Erin Olivera, mother of a child with AFM and founder of a private Facebook page for parents of 400 children with the disease, says Bailey’s experience… Read More »

Here's When It's Okay to Say 'I Love You' in a Relationship

Have you ever had someone who’s in love try to explain being in love to you? Yeah, it’s really annoying—primarily because they tend to dole out vague platitudes like “when you know you know,” or “it just hits you.” Thanks. Clears that right up. That said, the love-afflicted aren’t entirely wrong. As ambiguous (and frustrating)… Read More »

Meditating: It's Good For You! Here's Why Posted By : Cory Ellerd

Learning to meditate According to some surveys, ten percent or more of all Americans now carry out some type of meditation. People of all socioeconomic demographs, including ten year old kids in their schools, are closing their eyes and peering inward for self-development. Reasons for knowledge to meditate vary widely: relief from stress seems to… Read More »