Infertility Solutions for Healthy Pregnancy Posted By : Lauren Chapman

By | August 16, 2018

Along with orthodox medicine there is also a whole host of complementary holistic therapies available to us when it comes to treating infertility, and promoting healthy pregnancy, birth, and babies.

While alternate therapies do not have all the answers, neither does orthodox medicine. Also utilizing holistic complimentary therapies at a fraction of the cost (compared to private medical options) and along-side ordinary medical treatments. Can be a good way of ensuring you’ve got the best of both branches of treatment solutions working for you.

So let’s now talk about some of the professional holistic therapies available. Which may be beneficial in both treating infertility, as well as in optimizing your fertility.

Homeopathy: this therapy has three main principals:
1. The law of simular’s. This states that the substance that produces the symptom’s you experience, can also cure or alleviate those symptom’s as well.
2. Minimum dose. Homeopaths believe that to produce an effect or reaction, only a very small amount of stimulus or remedy is required.
3. Single remedy. Only one remedy is ever used at a time. To surmise, Homeopathic remedies work by gently stimulating the body’s own systems to encourage them to deal with any problems themselves, without outside intervention.

Acupuncture: Involves inserting very fine needles into the skin to stimulate acu-points. Other important techniques include cupping, which involves placing bulbous upturned glass cups on the body’s surface to create a vacuum over a particular point. And moxibustion, where small aromatic cones of a healing herb called Artemisia vulgaris are burned.

Herbalism: A broad definition of Herbalism is the use of medicines made from plants. Herbs are probably the oldest form of treatment in existence, and are used in almost every culture around the globe.

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Reflexology: this therapy involves applying pressure (or pressing), massaging and working very specific small areas of the hands and feet to restore the body’s homeostasis or balance and alleviate ill health.

Aromatherapy: involves the use of concentrated aromatic essences, which are extracted from plants of all types. There are approximately 150 essential oils, each with its own unique scent and healing properties. For example, some like tea tree oil are antifungal, and some like bergamot, are antiseptic. Other examples like lavender assist to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Many appear to affect the central nervous system and may have a calming, antidepressant or anti-anxiety effect.

The therapies mentioned here are only a few examples, from the range of holistic complimentary therapies available. It is always recommended that prior to choosing any particular complimentary therapy to assist in your fertility and wellbeing. That you check that the therapist is licenced or registered with a recognised professional body or association, relevant to their given profession first, to ensure you receive fully qualified, quality professional holistic care. Women Health And Fitness | Infertility