Forming Family Bonds Through Holiday Traditions

By | November 6, 2018

Family bonding is everything.  Quality family time is more important than you might have thought.  There are more ways than one to form and hold on to those close bonds. There is the inclusion of children in household chores, a ‘task’ that strengthens the family. The showing of affection is more than saying ‘I love you’. Love can be shown in multiple ways, and, for instance, one of them is agreeing to do something one family member enjoys.

Spending one-on-one time with your kids has a very strong positive impact on them as well, especially during the teenage years when kids tend to drift away from their parents and would rather spend time with their friends. As a beauty copywriter, we ensure we carve out enough quality time for our family.  Finally, there is the nurturing of family holiday traditions. No matter what kind of a family dynamic you will have later in life, it’s vital to make it clear that holidays are a time for family. 

Today, we will explore how to form and strengthen those bonds, as well as how meaningful they are in the long run. 

Whether we’re talking about Christmas, New Year’s, Father’s or Mother’s Day, it’s essential for the entire family to be involved. By doing simple things like making cookies or dinner, decorating the Christmas tree or figuring out how to make your mom and dad’s respective special days even more special, you become one. All of you don’t just spend time in the same room, but actually, enjoy it. 

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One of the best ways to make these moments even more special is with story time. No matter how old your children are, you can tell them stories about their childhood, share funny anecdotes of your holidays as a child and even show them how mom and dad met and how they fell in love. This may not be a part of your family traditions, but it should. The more kids know about not only themselves but about their parents as well, the closer they feel to them, and the sense of rapport only grows stronger. 

Love Through Gifts 

If you’re a mom, make sure your kids pay particular attention to such holidays as the Father’s Day. Make sure you plan a special day for your spouse doing something he loves – whatever that might be. On top of that make sure to help your kids pick out the perfect personalised Father’s Day Gifts. Holidays are a time to bond, yes, but they’re also the time to give, and it’s paramount we put effort into our gifts and by finding something profoundly personal and in complete accordance with someone’s taste and personality, show them just how much we care.

Money doesn’t have to play a significant role here. As long as the gift is meaningful, it will say I love you more than words ever could. The same goes for all the dads. When it’s Mother’s Day, wake your kids up early, make your wife breakfast and bring it to her in bed altogether. Plan a beautiful day for her, and of course, think hard about what kind of a Mother’s Day present you all want to give her. 

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Christmas And New Year

Finally, there is Christmas and New Year’s. This is a time when you make cookies together, decorate the tree, go skating, hiking, make a great Christmas dinner – whatever you generally do, be consistent with it every year. It will give your kids not only incredible memories but also a sense of security. Nothing brings peace to a child’s mind like consistency. It will provide them with something to hold on and feel safe and loved, even when they’re too young to know that that’s what they’re feeling.

The exchange of, again, meaningful gifts, on Christmas morning should be another family tradition you never skip on, and when your kids are young, make sure you give them some pocket money so they can also provide a gift for you. It’s not so much about what you’ll receive. It has more to do with teaching your kids to be generous and giving. Trust us, if you start this practice from early childhood, you will raise wonderfully kind and giving people, and that is what it’s all about. 

Create New Traditions 

In the spirit of giving, it would be a good idea to spend at least one-holiday providing help to those less fortunate ones. Whether you all as a family will help out at a soup kitchen, gather around and donate clothes, or do something else is irrelevant. What matters is that you set a good example for your kids and make them appreciate the family they have and all the blessings in their life. You will spend quality time as a family, make those bonds even stronger and do some good along the way. 

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Your children may be familiar with the concept of unconditional love, but by being consistent with your holiday traditions, it will become etched in their brain long after, and they will understand the meaning when they’re older and will pass those traditions on to their own families. Only when they become parents will they know why you did everything to uphold those holiday traditions and they will be thankful to you for that. And, if they end up calling mom and dad every day to check up on them, well, that’s just a bonus. Image: Unsplash.  Author:  Sophia Smith. 

Nic Makim