Common Mistakes in Hiring Physicians You Need to Avoid

By | December 28, 2018

There are certain standards followed before physicians are certified. They take written tests. They also have to practice doing an actual surgery several times and meet the required number of hours. The standards are the same, but it does not mean the person who is certified is already highly qualified to do the job.

When it comes to this industry, you can’t settle for anything less. You want only the best person to be a part of your team. You have an HR department to deal with all these details but it does not mean they can do a perfect job. There are common mistakes which affect the hiring process. Here are some of them.

Not having a large pool of candidates

If you want the best person for the job, you must have a pool of choices. If the choices are limited, you will settle for whoever is available just to fill the position. This is not a good practice. A candidate search is done to look for the best and not to settle for whoever can do an okay job. You can announce the job vacancy across various portals but it does not guarantee the pool of candidates will increase. Even if it does, the others might have just submitted their application to give it a try. They are not necessarily interested in taking the job.

Not interviewing a lot of candidates

Imagine having a small pool of candidates and from there, you select only 1 or 2 people for the interview. There is nothing wrong with having a strong vetting process earlier on. However, if there are not a lot of people in the interview and you do not like any of the shortlisted candidates, you might need to start over again.

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Speeding things up

It is understandable for you to desire filling the vacancies in the fastest possible time. You really need to do it if you want the hospital to run well. The only problem is that you can select the wrong person for the job if you tend to hurry. It helps if you take time looking for the best person until you are satisfied with the final choice. Just find a balance between finding the right person and spending time doing the search.

To make the process easier for you, seek help from a physician recruiter. There are a lot of factors that would possibly make you commit these mistakes. It might be better to have someone do the hiring process for you. The only thing left for you to do is make a decision based on the suggestions given to you.

There are firms that can do the headhunting for a reasonable fee. You will get the best person to fill the position and things will once again proceed as usual.


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