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Ohio’s Republican governor calls for public to wear masks: ‘This is not about whether you’re left or right’

Republican Gubernatorial-elect Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine gives his victory speech after winning the Ohio gubernatorial race at the Ohio Republican Party’s election night party at the Sheraton Capitol Square on November 6, 2018 in Columbus, Ohio. Justin Merriman | Getty Images Ohio Republican Gov. Mike DeWine addressed the controversial debate on wearing masks Sunday,… Read More »

NHS will have ‘answers’ on whether experimental coronavirus drugs work by JUNE

NHS will have ‘answers’ on whether experimental coronavirus drugs work by JUNE, UK’s chief medic says NHS letter said first results from clinical trials expected  in ‘five to seven weeks’  More than 9,000 virus sufferers are taking part in the Recovery trials in Britain Comes as Boris Johnson looks set to announce lockdown will stay until… Read More »

Here’s How to Predict Whether Your Memory Loss Will Be Alzheimer’s

Feeling forgetful? Have no fear because that just might be a good sign when it comes to predicting whether or not you’re heading towards Alzheimer’s, according to science. Image Point Fr/shutterstock In our twenties, we find it hilarious when we can’t remember our neighbor’s cat’s name or that adorable actor who starred in that movie—whatever… Read More »