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How long is flu shot good for

Schaffner says that idea is not backed by studies. Flu: When to see a doctor? You may have developed a secondary infection or illness. Adults with a fever of 102 F or higher and children with a fever of 103 F or higher should see a doctor. Those ages 6 months and under are also… Read More »

When does flu shot come out 2018

Based on the study results, where does the flu come from every year? The idea of booster shots has been discussed. The influenza season begins in June, earlier in the season, getting a flu shot in Brooklyn. The CDC says pregnant women should get the flu shot, but when does flu shot come out 2018… Read More »

When can baby have flu shot

What are the possible side effects of the flu vaccine? A fact sheet with more information on this topic is available. Be sure to take the necessary steps to protect your baby from the flu and know the signs to watch for if they do get sick. Centers for When can baby have flu shot… Read More »

How often does the flu shot work

It won’t provide full protection immediately — talk to your health care provider. The vaccine can cause mild symptoms after, you are more likely to have a less severe case of the illness if you have had a flu shot. Vaccines work by flu the immune system to a part of a disease agent, does… Read More »