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Demae Ramen Relaunch

Nissin Foods, inventor of instant noodles, relaunches Demae Ramen Demae Ramen Relaunch: Tradition meets innovation Eschborn, 10th November 2021 – Nissin Foods, inventor of instant noodles, is building a bridge between tradition and innovation with the relaunch of its Demae Ramen products. A fresh brand concept and new product variants will accompany the global relaunch.… Read More »

Cooking Ramen Noodles on Nails is The Latest Manicure Trend That’s Making Us Lose Our Appetite

Ramen Nail art. (Photo Credit: Instagram/NailSunny) If functional nail arts were to appear for an exam,  the bizarre ramen noodle art will pass with flying colours. Nail art mogul Nail Sunny shocked us with this bizarre Instagram post, which evidently satiates your style sense and hunger.  Yes! You read that right. This strangely creative nail… Read More »