Season 3 of Love, Victor Seems Like a Sure Thing

By | June 12, 2021

Ten episodes later, and we’re still wanting more of Hulu’s Love, Victor. It surely doesn’t help that this romantic drama left fans on a dire cliffhanger: will Victor choose his boyfriend (can you even call him that if they’re sort of not together?) Benji, or his friend, Rahim?

Victor’s love triangle wasn’t the only character arc unresolved: Mia is tagging along with her boyfriend, Andrew, to find her mother. Victor’s sister, Pilar, is getting down and dirty with her brother’s best friend, Felix. And, Lake, Felix’s ex, may be bisexual…or at least that’s what the show is teasing.

Season 2 of Love, Victor picked up right from the previous season, delving deep into Victor’s new relationship with Benji and his strained relationship with his Christian (and somewhat homophobic) parents. And, though fans got a lot of Victor and Benji love time (We’ve been waiting for these moments since Season 1 premiered), we also got an eye-opener to the couple’s struggles of being queer, 16, and in love for the first time. And we guess the problems became too much for Victor, leaving him in internal turmoil, having to choose between his first love or his new crush.

Who will he choose? Hopefully, the answer, hopefully, will be revealed in Season 3.

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Will there be a Season 3 of Love, Victor?

While there’s no word on a Season 3 yet, we’re not worried. Season 2 was confirmed 2 months after the first season of Love, Victor debuted, so any news on a future season will likely be announced later in the summer. But, with the way Season 2 ended, it would be a huge letdown if the story didn’t get to resolve itself with at least one more season.

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What will Season 3 of Love, Victor be about?

Considering the Season 2 finale ended with Victor making a choice between Benji or Rahim, we’re assuming Season 3 would start off focused on Victor’s new relationship with his (unrevealed) beau.

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But other than Victor, Season 3 will also feature Mia’s and Andrew’s journey towards finding her mother, as well as the recently developed relationship between Pilar and Felix. The most exciting arc in Season 3 isn’t the love triangles or the new relationships, but rather the development of Lake’s sexuality. No one could’ve guessed boy-crazy Lake would have been into girls…an unexpected development that fans will certainly be excited to further explore.

Who will be returning in season 3?

Almost all of the characters should be returning for a third season. At the end of Season 2, Victor talked to Simon—his gay mentor—and explained how his advice, though helpful, was no longer needed. If you’re a big fan of the Simonverse as we are, you’d remember Simon from his own film, Love, Simon, and how he, too, dealt with queer identity struggles during his own time at Creekwood High School.

The student has become the master, so we expect to see Simon less and less. However, co-showrunner Brian Tanen did reveal that there are future plans of bringing back original characters from the film for the show. “[The original cast is] such an incredibly talented and busy group of actors, so we say it with a grain of salt, hoping we can get people to participate,” he said. Never say never.

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