New Device to Disinfect 500 N95 Masks Per Hour

By | March 30, 2020

Medgadget Editors Public Health

Prescientx, an Ontario, Canada firm, has just started taking orders for a device that can rapidly disinfect N95 masks using ultraviolet (UV) light. By bathing the masks with light in the UV-C range, the Terminator CoV device can process up to 500 masks per hour. This is quite spectacular, given the current shortage of masks, and should be enough to keep most clinical facilities from running out of masks during our current pandemic.

Different N95 masks can be run through the machine, which is adjustable to fit masks of various sizes. It has a reflective aluminum tunnel through which the masks are driven, and the tunnel’s height can be made shorter or taller, to optimize the illumination over the masks. Each mask is placed on the conveyor within a special tray that keeps it aligned properly to make sure that UV light covers each exposed surface.

The speed of the conveyor belt that feeds the masks into the Terminator CoV can also be adjusted, and it’s probably possible to disinfect a variety of other objects using the device.

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