Does your keto diet make your pee stink

By | August 1, 2020

does your keto diet make your pee stink

Respond to this post. However, when first starting your fat-fueled journey, temporary adverse side effects may appear while the body is developing new machinery to burn that high octane fuel we call fat. In keto, water loss is a stepping stone to fat loss. The specific culprit is acetone, a ketone that exits the body in your urine and breath 4. Another good technique is to measure the presence of ketones in your urine on a daily basis with special indicator strips. According to some experts on the ketogenic diet, nutritional ketosis is defined as blood ketones ranging from 0. We Asked an Ob-Gyn for the Facts. As discussed above, removing carbs can lead to general tiredness at first.

And consider speaking to a doctor or nutritionist you trust about whether keto is a good fit for your health and lifestyle—and definitely chat them up about any questionable symptoms you experience if and when you do. I’m not exactly sure how vaginas are ‘supposed’ to smell like. Stinky pee urine Similar to acetone, acetoacetate is another type of ketone that is excreted when unused. Some odors, like a strong fishy one, can be the result of an overgrowth of certain microorganisms like bacteria, which is the case in bacterial vaginosis. These often cause people to quit the diet before they get into full ketosis and reap many of the long-term benefits. Getty Images. Maybe I’m just a freak of nature! The group of peeps who have experienced smelling an off scent down below seems to be pretty large, at least on the Internet. The initial switch to a ketogenic diet can be one of the biggest issues for new dieters.

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You simply expose the strip to urine, shake off any excess fluid and then wait for a color reaction. Once you join, you’ll be able to save your favorite recipes in your Cookbook and rate posts! Also, definitely don’t douche. This means that the person is dehydrated, so drinkings fluids with electrolytes is a must. Keto crotch sounds similar to the keto breath phenomenon. Some experts have theorized that the keto diet changes vaginal pH the balance of bacteria in your vagina, which in turn can alter your vaginal scent. This change in keto urine smell is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. It’s FREE! In theory, all of this is possible.

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