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What you need to know about coronavirus today

A version of this story appeared in the September 16 edition of CNN’s Coronavirus: Fact vs. Fiction newsletter. Sign up here to receive the need-to-know headlines every weekday. At an ABC town hall in the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania, the President hit back at a question over his remarks to renowned journalist Bob Woodward… Read More »

Friday Faves

Hi friends. Happy Friday! I know it’s been a bit of a crazy week, so I hope you’re all hanging in there and taking care of yourself. The Pilot was gone for a few days, so the girls and I have been doing the usual things around here: soccer practice (P has her first game… Read More »

Tell-tale signs you may have cataracts

Vision is one of the most important senses you have, so it’s essential that you protect it. From driving to watching TV, our vision aids us in almost every activity we carry out in the modern world. One of the most common issues that people suffer from is cataracts, which can make day to day… Read More »