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The Autistic Week That Was

— First things first. I can see how many of you off the spectrum, those referred to as neurotypicals, could read the headline as saying that people off the spectrum don’t understand people on the spectrum.That’s NOT what I’m saying at all. I’m saying it’s true that many on the spectrum aren’t understood by those… Read More »

Drinking More Than Three Times a Week May Harm Your Health, Study Says

Decades-old advice about alcohol has recently come under fire, with two recent studies suggesting that even a moderate drinking habit may raise the risk of early death. The latest study, published Wednesday in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, finds that drinking lightly four or more times per week may raise the risk of… Read More »

Spa of the week: The Lygon Arms, Cotswolds

Looking for a picturesque spa getaway a short distance from London? This week Healthista review The Lygon Arms in the Cotswolds Steeped in history, the Lygon Arms is a hotel and spa that will fill you with wonderment as much with the character of the place as it does with its relaxing spa and treatment… Read More »