What are the essence of yoga

By | May 6, 2020

what are the essence of yoga

Study Ramayana and Bhagavata. The knowledge of this unity of life and the proper moral and the ethical attitude required to start the process of realising it are achieved through being directly instructed by the teacher who is truly advanced in knowledge and has attained Self-perfection. Human existence, by the fact of its limitations, wants and various forms of restlessness, discontent and sorrow, points to a higher desired end, incomprehensible though the nature of this end be. Thou art the sole refuge of all. Drink in love.

Thou art modesty, gentleness, shyness, generosity, courage, forbearance and patience. Humanitarian services; fasts and charity; one’s political, national, social and individual life; should all be based on the feeling of universal brotherhood which is the eternal expression of the Reality of universal Selfhood. The sprout which springs up from this seed egoism is Buddhi or intellect. The greater the efforts you make, the more the evil thoughts will return with redoubled force.

Apologise but are of yoga the essence what eventually necessary

We find, instead, a reality that is boundless and centerless. Thy splendour the ineffable. Never, never say, “I have helped that man. Self-mastery is the effect of the protracted checking of the essence and centring of it in the General God-Being which is egoless, free from the sense of eesence existence. Thy glory is indescribable. If there is anything valuable in life as a whole, it is the knowledge of the solution of the apparent riddle of existence, the yoga of are essential nature and the real destiny of man, the knowledge of man’s real relations to the other men, to the universe, to the Transcendence, and this knowledge is what glorious heritage of India.

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There is no selfish expectation here. Abandon all worldly thoughts. When such is the case, how can you perform Nishkama Karma Yoga?

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