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Popular diets through the years

The Independent. Alessio Fasano, director of the Center for Celiac Research and Treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital, said ” 30 days isn’t enough time to turn off systemic inflammation. Retrieved 12 December Uh, not only is that dangerous for your health, but it can seriously screw with your natural sleep cycle. Crash diets are very-low-calorie… Read More »

Why do people do the paleo diets

So why do so many individuals fail to stick to the diet or stick to it but fail to see the great results? For this reason a lot of people limit their carbohydrate intake to very low amounts. Liver Dis. So how do you manage fighting the temptations? Show references Tarantino G, et al. You… Read More »

Studies on low carb diets for diabetes

Research continues to support the idea that reducing the amount of carbohydrates in your diet is a worthwhile goal for anyone with diabetes. Through the combined effort of Bispebjerg Hospital, Aarhus University, and the University of Copenhagen, researchers recently reported that a reduced-carbohydrate diet helped with both blood sugar levels and triglycerides in people with… Read More »

Different tpes of plant based diets

When purchasing groceries, focus on fresh foods and, when purchasing foods with a label, aim for items with the fewest possible ingredients. These products may contain animal ingredients such as eggs, milk derivatives and honey so diets label reading is necessary if you wish to follow a vegan based. Some dietitians advise vegetarians differeht reduce… Read More »