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Doctor on Demand 1st telehealth vendor to move into Medicare Part B as pandemic expands virtual care

Dive Brief: Doctor on Demand is expanding its platform to Medicare Part B beneficiaries, making it the first telehealth vendor to dive into the program serving 33 million Americans for medical care and doctor visits. The San Francisco-based virtual care vendor will now offer healthcare, including COVID-19 testing and diagnosis, to Part B beneficiaries, it… Read More »

Bois Locker Room Shows a Mirror to The Society Yet Again; Here’s How Parenting Plays An Important Part in Shunning These Evils

Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay) Bois Locker Room, the latest busted Instagram group, has reminded all of us about the epidemic of violence against women. What scares us more is their tender age. Young teens around 14-17 years of age, from some of the top schools in the National Capital Region, reportedly posted photographs of fellow… Read More »

Your EMF Questions Answered, Part 1

In this video, which is Part 1 of a two-part series, Brian Hoyer and I answer your questions about electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. Brian is a leading EMF expert1 and a primary consultant for my new book, “EMF*D,” which is being released today. In the video, Brian shares his personal journey and training, which includes… Read More »

Federal judge overturns part of Insys founder Kapoor’s racketeering conviction

When Insys founder John Kapoor was found guilty on federal racketeering charges in May, it marked the stiffest conviction yet for an opioid executive at the center of the nation’s addiction crisis. Now, a federal judge says prosecutors failed to present enough evidence to support some of those claims—likely lowering Kapoor’s sentence. Prosecutors failed to present evidence showing Kapoor and… Read More »