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Adolescent Obesity May Raise Pancreatic Cancer Risk

Previous studies have linked obesity in adulthood to a greater risk of pancreatic cancer. Now, new findings published in the journal Cancer suggest that people who are obese during adolescence may be four times more likely to be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer later in life, reports Wiley. For the study, Zohar Levi, MD, of Rabin… Read More »

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Weight during adolescence may affect pancreatic cancer risk in adulthood

New research has linked adolescent obesity with up to a four-fold increased risk of pancreatic cancer later in life. The study’s results also suggest that overweight and even higher weight within the “normal” weight range in men may increase pancreatic cancer risk in a graded manner. The findings are published early online in CANCER, a… Read More »

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Pancreatic cancer: anybody can get it

Steve Jobs died of Pancreatic Cancer: Many people think that they can get cancer only if they have certain ‘bad’ habits’. Unfortunately, cancer isn’t attracted to only the ‘bad habits’. Though certain things are definitely the causes of cancer, like smoking and excess intake of alcohol; it’s a myth that it is caused only due… Read More »

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