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Peanut allergies: What is the best policy for schools?

Peanut allergies can be a serious problem, and many exposures happen when our kids are at school. On average, there are probably about 5 peanut-allergic children in each of our nation’s 100,000 school buildings. What’s the best policy for schools to use to help protect these kids from potentially fatal reactions? Different schools have taken different approaches,… Read More »

Get your shvitz on at NYC’s best bathhouses

“There’s a saying in Russia,” says Alona Krug, owner of the Brooklyn Banya (the Russian word for steam bath). “If a banya couldn’t cure you, you’re terminally ill.” It’s a tangible sentiment at many of New York’s old and new bathhouses alike, where heat-seeking habitués seek an escape from winter in saunas, steam rooms and… Read More »

The best books of the week

The Au PairEmma Rous (fiction, Berkley)Shortly after Seraphine and her twin brother, Danny, were born, their mother threw herself off the cliffs near their English estate; their au pair left immediately. Now an adult, Seraphine is going through her late father’s belongings when she finds a picture that casts the events of that day into… Read More »