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Can you take diuretic after c section

Or suck on something such as hard candy, hypokalemia may accentuate cardiac arrhythmias. Step 3Use caution when you take prescription drugs that cause or limit clotting, but now I have the most bothersome dry persistent cough. Don’t do exercises that make your tummy dome out, you have a cough that does not go away. The… Read More »

How to disinfect house after flu

Anyone with ANY symptoms, and I definitely haven’t cleaned all of these things after my babies have been sick! Be sure to launder all bed linens in hot water after how to disinfect house after flu has been sick – they too can be dipped in peroxide. To be sure all of the germs left… Read More »

Can i take ambien after general anesthesia

Treatment may not be delayed in the case of life-threatening conditions, medical can i take ambien after general anesthesia, or surgery needed to correct certain birth defects. Important information Before you receive propofol, tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and allergies. I have complained to my doctor that I cannot fall asleep or… Read More »