Popular Internet Sensation Kadi Aka ‘ItsNotKadi’ Shares How She Overcame All The Obstacles And Became Successful

By | November 8, 2019
Popular Internet Sensation Kadi Aka ‘ItsNotKadi’ Shares How She Overcame All The Obstacles And Became Successful

Khadidja Djibrine (Photo Credits: File Image)

To achieve a goal, it is important to keep trying. Khadidja Djibrine made a name for herself on the internet after going through a lot of turmoil. Fondly called as Kadi and popularly known as ‘@itsnotkadi’ on social media, she hails from the Republic of Chad situated in north-central Africa. Chad is bordered by the countries like Sudan, Mali and Libya. Coming from the big Zaghawa family, she has 9 siblings and 7 half-siblings. Zaghawa is a Muslim ethnic group in Central Africa where people usually speak languages such as Arabic and French. The community has been ruling Chad for more than 20 years now due to which the region is more of male-dominated. Her family belongs to the old school thoughts and are very traditional.

They believe in arranged marriages and practice the same. During her childhood, she was restricted to go out. Her life revolved from school to home and from home to school. At that time, she found her love for television as she watched TV programs to pass her day. After watching a lot of shows and movies on television in different languages, Khadidja learnt different languages like English, Hindi and Spanish. She understood different cultures and made her mind to get married one day and experience love rather than an arranged marriage. Khadidja’s life changed in 2010 when she moved to India for her college. In 2013, she got her bachelor’s degree with majors in marketing management. During college, she tried to get into modelling and Bollywood but she was shown the door because of her dark colour.

The rejections did not lose her confidence and in 2014, she moved to the United States Of America to chase her dreams. It’s been 5 years in the USA now, and she has managed to get a lot of modelling assignments and has also established herself on the internet today. Besides building a strong social media presence, she launched her own single titled ‘Draw The Line’ on October 26, 2019. The 26-year old was also crowned as the 2nd runner up for Miss Reshma Beauty pageant on May 3, 2019, in Beverly Hills, California. Progressing slowly and gradually, Khadidja Djibrine is climbing the ladder of success and has proved that nothing is impossible in this world.

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