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What can dogs take for allergies

The above table is the suggested dosage of Zyrtec that you should give your dog. Visit your veterinarian right away if your dog’s itching persists, if hair loss occurs, or if the skin appears irritated, red, scaly or otherwise abnormal. If this is the case, you and your veterinarian will need to go back to… Read More »

Dogs’ Rights Now Exceed Human Rights

Delaware is the first state in the U.S. to pass a bill that would allow titers to be given in lieu of rabies vaccines for certain dogs, cats and ferrets. An antibody titer measures the concentration of antibodies in the blood produced after an inflammatory response to vaccination. Measuring the number of antibodies present is… Read More »

Can we use tramadol in dogs

In a limited number of studies the pre- or postoperative application of the antiemetic 5-HT3 antagonist ondansetron increased the requirement of tramadol in patients with postoperative pain. Two studies of tramadol administration during anaesthesia comprising continuous administration of isoflurane have shown clinically significant lightening of anaesthetic depth or intra-operative recall. Dogs may eat their own… Read More »

How often should you give dogs tramadol

I also have an 80 pound dog, she is a 10yr old German Shepherd suffering with hip dysplasia pain. The kidneys are critical to purging waste products from the blood. In this case it not always possible due to food restrictions before and after the operation. I am looking for some hope for my George.… Read More »

Can dogs die from taking tramadol

It was a human nurse that told me that his decline was likely due to the amount of tramadol. Never take tramadol more often or at a higher dose than prescribed by your doctor. I just got this med for anxiety and depression and OCD. Dog had can dogs die from taking tramadol today for… Read More »