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One-year projected costs of coronavirus to the commercial market could hit $251 billion

The projected costs for 170 million Americans in the commercial health insurance market – which includes the individual, small-group and large-group markets – for testing, treatment and care specifically related to the COVID-19 coronavirus will range from a low of $ 34 billion to $ 251 billion or more in the first year of the pandemic. That’s… Read More »

Parsing Policy: Care For Millions Would Suffer Under Medicaid Proposal; Problems With High Costs Show Failings Of ACA

Editorial writers weigh in on these health care policies and others. Huffington Post: The Trump Administration Is Coming For Medicaid Again This new financing option is a variation on what’s known as a “block grant,” which would end the federal government’s open-ended promise to finance Medicaid coverage for whoever needs it, however much it costs.… Read More »

Dual eligible MA beneficiaries receive better care at lower costs than FFS

Dive Brief: Beneficiaries eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid who choose privately run Medicare coverage, called Medicare Advantage, receive more care and a higher quality of care while costing their insurers less, according to a new analysis from healthcare consulting firm Avalere. Dual eligible beneficiaries attended roughly 12% more office visits than their counterparts in… Read More »