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In Brief: Being An Older Dad Associated with Worse Pregnancy Outcomes

This study is something to keep in mind when we evaluate neonatal outcomes in mothers taking psychotropic medication.  We typically consider maternal, but not paternal, characteristics as factors which may affect neonatal outcomes; however, this large study published in BMJ indicates that the age of the father may also affect neonatal outcomes.   Researchers examined… Read More »

Deaths during pregnancy are on the rise again 'due to obesity rates'

Deaths during pregnancy are on the rise again ‘due to obesity rates and increasing age of expectant mothers’ After years of decline, deaths during pregnancy are starting to rise again  Obesity and the increasing age of mothers is responsible, experts have said  225 women died during or just after pregnancy between 2014 and 2016 By… Read More »

Pregnancy Outcomes in Women with Bipolar Disorder

In treating pregnant women with mood or anxiety disorders, we tend to focus primarily on the reproductive safety of psychotropic medications; however, it must be recognized that withholding or withdrawing pharmacologic treatment for depression or anxiety during pregnancy may carry some degree of risk. Untreated psychiatric illness in the mother cannot be considered a benign… Read More »