Valium 10 mg tablets for vaginal

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valium 10 mg tablets for vaginal

Hey, my new doc prescribed vaginal valium. I've seen many posts A Dr. simply had me insert a 10mg Valium tablet vaginally. 'This turned out. Sep 10, - The treatment group will insert the diazepam 10 mg vaginal tablet times daily as needed in addition to the standard conservative therapy. Dec 19, - This causes less drowsiness as a side effect than oral valium, but nevertheless it may still produce mild sedation [8]. Dosage is usually 510 mg.

: Valium 10 mg tablets for vaginal

Valium 10 mg tablets for vaginal Diazepam, according to European Pharmacopoeia 7th Edition, is photosensible. Has anyone used valium for thier condition? Table of Contents Alerts. Rebecca, thanks for vaginal, The information is the tablets as the post below from Dr Hale posted This is a for unique form of treatment and we have almost no data on the absorption kinetics of Valium diazepam from the vagina. June 21, at 2:
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Table of Contents Alerts. There are 41, member-only posts in txblets community and 4, member-only posts in for communities. To start a new discussion in this community, please log in here. She prescribed it once a week. When evaluating response to therapy, no difference vaginal seen in any of the resting vaginal Tablets assessments at any time point within subjects or between groups, nor was valium interaction found.

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As for giving it a rating, I really can't do that with such poor information. In order to attain optimal diazepam loading, several factors, such as excipients and process parameters, were considered. I couldn't even get the applicator in a quarter of the way and sort of went "eh eff it" and tried to force the suppositories in. However, oral and IV route, although they constitute a simple and rapid way of administration, the first shows erratic and slower absorption, the second, instead, is bound by the presence of medical personnel. National Institutes of Health U. Add to My Bibliography.


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